Reax Run

An innovative treadmill that gives you the most exciting running experience ever. Reax Run unleashes your run for you to experience challenging trails and Nordic walking.


A visionary “live control” allows personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches and physiotherapists to interact with their athletes, clients and patients during their training sessions, releasing incredibly effective and stimulating motor impulses. Thanks to its impressive technology and all the available programs, you will train your sensory perception to:

  • improve your balance

  • enhance your performances

  • increase your metabolic activity

  • prevent the risk of injuries

  • reduce recovery time in post trauma phases

  • boost the neuromuscular activity


Reax Board

Destabilizes any motor gesture performed on it.  As a result, this innovative functional training reaches the highest neuromuscular level of intensity you can get.

Reax Board is an incredibly “smart” floor able to reproduce and generate sudden interferences during the motor gesture. The training solutions are endless.


Standard exercises, performed under stable and predictable conditions, become unpredictable and much more fun and effective. 

All muscles are activated and focus must always be kept high and steady. Thanks to a tablet and its dedicated app, the user or the Trainer can select the difficulty level he wishes and choose among several pre-configured training programs. PT special sessions are available only in the presence of a trainer, in order to perform intense and customized programs in total safety inside the club.  For example, during the original “live” program, the PT can alter the motor gesture through real-time interferences.  He/She can adjust the intensity, speed, direction and frequency of the interference and freeze the board in the position the trainer wishes.


Reax Lights

Thanks to this innovative lights system, any training conceived to train reaction times and agility becomes interactive.

Training reactivity, reaction ability and response speed to a given sudden impulse will never be the same. This brand new functional training method is dynamic, fun and suitable for conditioning training. Any type of training gets interactive, improving the reaction capability.

Reax Lights is an incredible Wi-Fi tool. It’s versatile, flexible, wearable, easy-to-use. Training becomes self-motivating and any kind of free body exercise results more effective than ever. It’s equipped with magnets for a quick and easy application. Thanks to the magnets, you can apply the satellites on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, on any metallic surfaces, on wall bars or any other functional training structure.

The satellites can be controlled through a tablet computer, which allows the user to select the difficulty level and the training program he or she wishes.



Fluiball turns any exercise in a proper neuromuscular training. Water destabilizes any workout and training sessions become fun and effective.

Fluiball is a soft touch and unbreakable medicine ball, with a variable quantity of non-toxic colored water inside. It comes in different weights, from 1 to 12 kilos, according to the quantity of water inside.

The instability and the unpredictability of the water make it a truly functional tool: dynamically unpredictable, flexible, wearable, soft, safe and space-saver. At the same time, its softness makes it unique: you can roll it, shake it, grab it, throw it or even squeeze it causing no harm to people or surfaces.

Any type of training can be adjusted according to the user’s individual features, in line with his or her individual education program. Type, position and weight of the sphere, together with the speed in performing the exercise, determine the intensity of the training session. These proprioceptive balls are perfectly suitable for rehab phases as every movement can be strictly controlled in order to improve strength, balance and coordination skills.



The Bouncing Lift

FluiLift is the first barbell in the world to destabilize the motor gesture for a groundbreaking neuromuscular training.


Symmetry, stability and consistency have been the keywords of everything you know up to now. FluiLift is the first barbell to turn this concept upside down. Thanks to its innovative system (international patent pending), the motor gesture of weightlifting becomes unexpectedly unstable. Cast-iron disks or Reax W-Disk oscillate, rotate and bounce depending on the exercise performed by the user, thanks to the Reax B-Bungee that adds unpredictability and dynamism to each exercise.

Disks and bungees come in different weights and with a wide range of accessories. Thanks to these features, the user is able to perform a huge number of exercises, exploiting inertia, dynamics, centrifugal force and progressive resistance. With FluiLift, floors won’t be damaged anymore thanks to the innovative soft shock system.


Reax Chain

“Flexible, wearable, unpredictable, safe and fun. Reax Chain will shake up our training.”

Reax Chain is composed by flexible and adjustable rings. It can be used as a kettlebell, a battle rope, a barbell, a dumbbell, a core bag, a Bulgarian bag and in plenty of other ways. It is dynamically unpredictable, flexible, wearable, soft, safe e space-efficient.