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NeuroMuscular system is essential to movements of the body.  The neuromuscular system represents the biomechanical apparatus through which the Central Nervous System (CNS) executes postural actions.  Muscle strength, endurance, latency, torque and power, flexibility, range of motion (ROM), and postural alignment all affect the ability of a person to respond stresses and to balance disturbances effectively.

Reaxing is a lifestyle, a new way of moving, thinking, training.

Reaxing finds its roots in the idea that every day we’re exposed to unpredictable situations. The ability to react is the cornerstone of our psychophysical well-being. When something unexpected occurs, we are expected to react with our body and mind.

We receive information from our senses, then our central nervous system integrates them. Biomechanical, biochemical and biophysical reactions define our body wellness. 

Train Your Senses : Improve Your Performance


NeuroMuscular Training Industries is dedicated to the fundamentals of functional fitness with the latest technology trends to create unique fitness environments that promote and maintain healthy, active lifestyles.  Reaxing is the leading manufacturer in connecting the Neurological and the Muscular training systems. 


The CAPABILITY to react to sudden and unpredictable impulses has never been trainable at the gym, up to now. Reaxing is the only methodology in the world that trains your senses and improve your performances. 


NTI is in the business of helping our clients achieve energizing, complete, and balanced solutions for their fitness facilities.  NTI supports the enhancements for tailored fitness equipment and technology solutions designed to exceed today’s demanding fitness expectations.